And there she is!

Spring. Slow as molasses but sure enough - there she is! Rubbing her eyes and stretching her arms while yawning wide enough to scare the flowers out of their sleep in the ground. Winter has been one gothic emo girl this time around and she has been in a constant state of fluxuation, earning her the name Urban Slush Puppy in my book. Spring seems perky and willing to wake up though and we went from just a few degrees Celsius, to a whopping +16 in just a few days. Granted, as I type this it's just +3 and 6 AM, but you got to hand it to her, that was a commendable effort on her part!

Now I just wish for the gravel to be swept up so I can see if my inlines are still usable at all. That and a cup of tea, but the latter can easily be procured.

Good morning Spring - you've been sorely missed!

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