A sign of life.

I know, it's been long. Ironically not because I've not had anything to write, rather way too much has been going on and I just choked up on writing completely from it all. Some of it was good, some of it less so. Let's just fast forward a bit and blatantly ignore the past.

What's happening right now is a planned trip, selling my camera gear, some weekly cognitive sessions for my depression and what else? Oh yes, I have finally, gotten a time at the Uppsala sleep lab, which is just awesome. I can't wait to go there.

The weather here has been confusing. Basically snowing and raining taking turns one day at a time. I'd almost say the snow looks like someone stumbling into a party uninvited, embarrassed and unsure if it's supposed to be there. Yesterday though it snowed all day. Huge mittens of light fuzzy snowflakes that kept flying off in every possible direction - even up and that now covers the ground in a decimeter thick layer - pretty cool!

Generally I've been feeling better lately, so I've actually managed to watch some TV shows which I normally feel uncomfortable doing. I've also managed to get to the gym a bit even though getting out feels hard to do.

It's almost 6 AM now though so I am cutting this short and going to bed for a little bit. Be good everyone ,I hope to write again soon, having a bit more content.