Photophlow - Web 2.0 strikes again.

There was once a place called FlickrLive, a small web interface that combined chatting with browsing pictures from Flickr. Sadly this little creative spawn died due to security and scaling problems, but thanks to my friend Juju I was made aware of something New. Something Better. Something Shinier.


Photophlow does everything that FlickrLive did and more, it integrates talking to your fellow Flickr user friends in different rooms, exchanging images with an easy way to comment, favourite, tag, search and it has a keyword generating chat engine that allows one to find new pictures in an intuitive way. I'm hooked on it. Since I found it the number of favourites in my list has quadrupled.

Nowadays you'll find me in the welcome room, helping new users to find their way around. I'm not going to do an in-depth analysis of the system, but rather I'll tell you that I have ten invites doing the First Come First Served dance for you, so come see for yourself.

photophlow badge

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