I doth think too much - you should try it.

I've been thinking about posting again. A lot. So much I haven't found the right topic to post about, but I'm done sweating the details, so this will be an erratic post.

First, here's a chance to link to my friend Ahnìon's thoughts about IM manners and use, or in his own words: A simple guide to status modes in IM clients

A few words more on that topic. Recently I made a new friend and was delighted to hear, that she has completely turned graphical smileys off in her client. Delighted. Her choice and my reaction says something about how wrong the basic usage concept of these have become. Some people spam them out, some can't write a simple sentence in an IM client without half of them being replaced with smilies, and have you ever talked to someone who is bold or daft enough to use the ICQ smilies? Suddenly the words *JOKINGLY* appear on your screen if you don't have the "proper" client. What heck of a trigger is that? Don't get me wrong, smilies fill a function, that's why we got the text ones in the first place but it has gone too far, we've lost the how and why and it became just a bit too much. Here's a thought: Take five minutes to delete the tacky, unnecessary ones you might have added to your client and think of if which ones that might actually fill any other purpose than to annoy the recipient.


The face to ass that could break a heart.

After two days of gruel, pasta and bananas for only food I managed to crawl out of my cave and do groceries. I've spoken once or twice before with the manager and last time he asked me about the Internet. He said he just recently tried his hands on this new phenomena and managed to stumble onto some chats, and was left more than a little thoughtful. Those of you that are Swedish might well understand why if I say that one of the chats were Aftonbladet's, for the rest of you, imagine a very basic web based chat where 80% of the names and chat entries contain crude sexual references. A bit cautiously he inquired if there were no sane people to be found on the net.
I've been given this a lot of thought and today I reminded him of his question, and gave him the answer. No. Of course it's not that simple, but in general finding sane people who also manage to be themselves on the net AND appealing to boot may well be compared to sifting through a swimming pool of liquid dung after pearls - using your teeth. Of course there are places that are more likely than others, but they're still few and far. The poor man looked mortified. I don't know if it was the sad fact or my analogy that shocked him the most, but I do know that this friendly somewhat naïve man in his mid forties should never ever be allowed to face goatse - it'd destroy his world.


A brief visit by Mr Snow

Lately, I've been keeping an eye on the long term weather forecast just to see when we were expected to get snow. Well surprise surprise! Last night we got more than our fair share. I love snow, but I really don't like what I refer to as the Days of Sludge before it really settles in. Still, the snow king really put in a good effort here and it went on for hours. Think of it as nature's way of giving you a sneak peak, a preview, a trailer, coming soon to a world near you! I'm hoping for more soon so I can try out making a ice lantern, but If I am to trust the weather forecast this time we'll have some on and off snowing and raining for the coming ten days. We'll see.

Today the hockey rink near here is finally active for the season. Usually I am very sound sensitive and can get very irritated at say, the neighbours hammering away at their never ending backyard contraptions, but the clacking sound of club against puck is one I quite like. I've no clue why. I've been doing a lot of introspective thinking the last couple of days, yet I've reached little to no conclusion. Perhaps I'm better off sweating it physically at the gym, I've still not made it there, so if you're in the neighbourhood, come drag me there on Monday - please.