Selective memory impairment - or why my tea occasionally taste like mud.

Ever seen, heard or been one of those people that during a severe hangover swears to never again consume such amounts of alcohol, only to when the week starts to near Friday, make ingestions of the same amount be planned? Sure you have. I'm like that with tea. Every now and then I'll gravitate towards the tea section at the grocery store and pick up a bag of Lipton's - as always, it's an instant regret the moment I take the first sip. With a bit of luck you can find cheap and still good tea, but Lipton fail in both categories. The ucky dry, tart and soil-taste of the Lipton Earl Grey leaves me with a great sigh whenever I replace it with something else, usually Twinings. Just by looking at my teacup after makes me wonder what the heck they do with it. The Lipton leaves almost thrice the amount of black gooey residue on the inside of the cup and it doesn't come off very easy either. This time, I hope I'll remember what an awful brand Lipton is. After all, who hasn't wrinkled their nose at Yellow Label? I'm calling The Raven on this.


Anonymous said...

It's just subconscious masochism. I mean, christ, you claim to enjoy going to the gym, too!

Seriously though, Twinings (and Tower, which is Twinings' second-rate brand) is the only prepackaged tea-brand worth bothering with - just like Zoegas and Classic are the only pre-packaged coffee brands worth considering. (Actually, since Zoegas got bought by Nestlé, Classic is left as the sole contender.)

I'm glad the cafés are finally catching up and ditching the awful Löfbergs Lila and Gevalia brands. Let's hope Lipton will eventually go the same way, eh?

Broken Haiku said...

They could always have Lipton as an official prison brand tea. Imagine that. Lipton & Gevalia for the next year, it would scare anyone off the streets of crime.