The little DNS entry that could.

I managed to lock myself out of my blog by having a (beware, techie speak here) several day long TTL on the DNS entry while having it malconfigured. Thus, most people could view the blog alas I could not access it myself since the wrong one was in my ISP's DNS cache. I actually ended up on Google.com if I tried accessing it. Anyhow, the bad DNS entry has expired and it is working again. You didn't think I'd give up blogging this fast did you?

I helped a friend move on Saturday and I know that it is Tuesday today, yet I'm still seven shades of sore. Serves me right for a) not going to the gym more often and b) getting angry and picking up the pace when people are just standing around with their hands in their pockets. My allergy to cats and dust isn't that extreme, so although the place was a haven for dust rhinos and cat hair tumbleweed the only result was itching, red spots and a breakout of zits. Funny though, the day after my feet suddenly felt really warm and swelled up so my toes looked like tiny deep red sausages. It went away after a couple of hours. It was more weird than a bother, I should have taken pictures.

of course, the whole time while the blog was inaccessible I've had lots of things I've wanted to write and now it's all gone with the wind. I'll try again later today.


There's scary faces and there's scary faces. Everyone knows of the classical Jack Nicholson one from The Shining, but I have my own scary face and it's on the can of L-carnitine that's on my kitchen shelf. He beats Jack Nicholson hands down. It's not just the mutated body but the expression on his face which creeps me out whenever I walk past it. Even though I've vowed to print my own label for the can with huge pink capitals spelling out 'BIG TIT POWDER', I keep it as is. It fascinates me.

Now close your eyes (or not, if you want to keep on reading) and imagine Carlton Banks from Fresh Prince in Bel-Air, mix in a some Jeff Minter craziness, lots of injected hormones and a huuuuge butt plugg and you get, well I just have to throw in a picture of Carlton Banks to for comparison:
Carlton BanksNot Carlton Banks


Anonymous said...

Glad you solved the DNS problem. So you use that "Big Tit Powder"? :P

Broken Haiku said...

Come squeez'em and tell me you can't feel the Carlton POWAH in them man boobs Mattias!