Let's start this off then shall we?

You know how it is with blogs: They come and go, people swear they'll keep posting yet the blog dies a dry rot death after just a few posts. I've done it and hope to not make the same mistake again - yet I make no promises aside hoping to feel well enough to have something decent to ramble about at least once a week.

So, I just transferred my domain's MX record to Google and mapped a CNAME to this blog. If it'll work - not sure. Does this sound like voodoo to you? DNS records are half a mystery to me because I've yet to see a good summary on how they are to work. Are you still lost? I'm talking about the hidden mechanics that lets mail find your mailbox on the net, lets your computer find the way to my blog when you enter the adress to it. The gnomes and gremlins that chew on your wires when you don't watch if you will, to make it even more obscure.

What actually inspired me to finally realise this blog today was a debate about shapes, figures and some ramblings of the nature of porn, but I feel I've spent all the oomph on setting this up and will leave that for tomorrow. I'll just leave this with a short note. Want to buy a camera? I've fucked up my economy and have to sell my Canon EOS 30D. Can be bought with or without lens/es ( Canon 1,8 50mm MKII, and Canon 70-300 IS )

PS. Blog colours brutally nabbed from Gaijin . I am SO tired of all these dark gloomy webpage themes. DS.

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One day said...

To bad you aint selling your Ps3!