Early bird gets the tea

If you were a stalker, you'd not find it odd at all finding me sitting here at the computer early in the morning, looking slightly dazed and desperately grasping a big cup of tea. I've not been able to sleep and just barely dozed off last night. So far I've spent a couple of hours making breakfast, looking at DNS entries to see what I could have done wrong and most important of all - Beat Bengt.

Bengt is a peculiar online friend whom I've made a habit out of beating severely in every possible game we've both played, and although this isn't perfectly true any longer since he has become quite good at FPS games, I do my best to do what is more or less the basis for our friendship - irritating each other as much as possible. So, I just spent an hour improving one of my highscores in Super Stardust HD - Have at you Bengt!

This day so far shows great promise of rain. My only plans involve taking out the trash and change electricity provider. I can't very well say no to cheaper and renewable sources can I? Oh shush you.

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Anonymous said...

If you snose you lose.